How much does the future of our planet
and humanity count on you?

With seven billion people on Earth today – a number ┬árapidly growing toward ten billion – today’s ever-changing, ever-more-complex world counts on each of us to show up and make a real, meaningful and measurable difference In Our Life Time.

We are all part of the Human Continuum… a connected, collaborative compassionate movement linking past, present and future generations. How long the continuum lasts and how far it expands inits essence and in its geography beyond Planet Earth is up to us.

Your willingness to focus on why you are here and what you can do to make the world a better place is a fundamental part of that positive, long-term momentum humanity needs to survive, thrive and grow.

In Our Life Time is meant to be both a Thought Provoker and a Call to Action urging us to be self-aware, caring and willing. If even one ideathought/observation within these pages calls to your spirit, to your soul, to your being – then take it to heart – and take action.