dave-mcguigan-2Friends and associates know Dave as a Conceptual
Architect. He has a knack of taking ideas that don’t exist
and framing them so that others can see the possibilities
of what can be.

Dave is an idea enthusiast who loves to give birth to
new ideas, concepts, products and initiatives, especially
those that can help make the world a better place.

Born in Detroit and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dave
has had the opportunity to travel the world and study
with wonderful thinkers from all walks of life. He is
inspirited by those willing to find and use their voice in
an effort to make a positive difference for all.

Life’s professional journey has seen Dave make
significant contributions in sports and sports marketing,
cause-related marketing, retailing, non-profit
organizational development, and in the advancement of
stem cell manufacturing and treatments.

Known for his “McGuiganisms”, Dave uses unique
expressions and phrases that help capture an idea
or routine in order to create an easy-to-understand,
‘Universal Language’.

A resident of Del Mar, California, Dave dedicates his time
to his family and friends — and toward advancing ideas
that may help the world become a better place for all
living creatures for hundreds of generations to come.