In each of us, as human beings, there is a quality and capability about us…far beyond any limit or standard which we might presently understand.

Since before the beginning of recorded time, humankind has fought fear and superstition…forging out from the caves to find new horizons and new questions.

But today’s complex society binds all of us to the actions of yesterday, today and tomorrow like never before. It knows no other pattern, and we find ourselves faced with compromise, fixed images and curbed expectations.

But what do we really know about life and of living? No man or woman on this planet, no scholar or scientist, no philosopher or physician has the faintest idea of the true meaning of our existence.

Right in front of our modern-day caves, we have billions of galaxies and hundreds of billions of solar systems to explore…and an entire Universe yet to discover. Through this exploration and discovery process, we can – and will – advance our understanding of who we are and evolve our thinking around the context of why we are here.

At some point, humankind must break the shackles of this quaint, structured reality and begin to look for new questions and more answers and meaning. To go beyond the current boundaries of our day-to-day existence in the quest of knowledge and in the challenge of ourselves, the human race.

Only then will we be begin to find the greatness that is in each of us…in all of us…as human beings and as humanity.

Without exploration, there can be no discovery!

Wake-up every day knowing that our Universe is waiting to be explored by you and me…!!!