Humankind has fought addictions and distractions since we’ve been collecting information about how we function.

From alcohol and tobacco to electronics, gambling and drugs, we’ve found ourselves enticed by, and embattled with, a multitude of activities and actions that take us away from focusing on what’s most important…our health, our family, friends and community, and the general welfare of the world.

Some of the challenges we face are passed down to us genetically, impacting us on an individual level, and some evolve on a collective basis manifesting their presence in our daily lives or intertwined within today’s society.

Of all these addictions and distractions, the one that has established its greatest presence today is our addiction to, and distraction by, electronics. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, most human beings are surrounded by – and/or are engaged with – electronic devices.

With the advent of ‘sound bite’ communications and messaging, no wonder we’ve become an “ADHD Society”…unable to stay focused on any one topic for more than a nanosecond, finding ourselves somewhere else before we’ve completed what we had been focusing on just a second or two before!

Don’t let your addictions and distractions keep you from accomplishing everything you wish to accomplish with your life. Let your goals, dreams, expectations – and focused efforts – allow you to find your true self…empowering you to put addictions and distractions aside in order to prioritize a healthier you…and time to contribute to a better tomorrow!

Don’t let your short-comings become your long suit…eliminate the addictions, avoid the distractions, and enjoy life to its fullest!!!