If you’ve ever seen how a stream meanders through the countryside, you know how long it can take – and how much energy it can use up – getting from ‘Point A to Point B’. Over time, for many different reasons, bodies of water that once ran in a fairly straight line “meander” in unique patterns of winding flow to their destination. This is commonly known as, The Oxbow Effect.

We, too, as human beings, Oxbow our way through life. Very few of us go in a straight line in life, rather we “Oxbow” from Point A to Point B…from birth to our eventual death.

Is there anything wrong with either an occasional, or constant, Oxbow journey through life?

The answer, clearly, is No. There is nothing wrong with an Oxbow approach to life. To truly enjoy the human experience, a certain amount of meandering is healthy for all of us…for it is good to appreciate – and experience – life’s natural voyage through time and space, where its navigation is controlled by those dynamics versus one’s own actions.

So how important is it to develop a ‘Point A to Point B’ approach to Life? In business, it is vitally important…”time is money” is the old adage in business. In this regard, The Oxbow Effect plays a detrimental role in certain sectors of society. Getting there head of time, being first, ‘victory goes to the fastest’ are important in a competitive world.

But what about us? What about someone who seeks to make a difference in our life time? How important is the ‘Point A to Point B’ focus to our commitment and the results of our efforts? Clearly, with a limited amount of time here on Planet Earth, being as deliberative as possible is important if we’re truly going to have an impact on the future In Our Life Time.

An yet, the human condition also requires a balance of relaxation and enjoyment in order to be at peak levels during contributory moments. Therefore, a certain level of ‘Oxbowing’ is good for us…for our soul, our spirit, for alignment of our place in time and space…and for our long-term productivity.

As you begin each and every day, think about those essential goals that you either desperately – or passionately – wish to complete and focus on a goal-oriented, ‘Point A to Point B’ approach. At the same time, allow nature the opportunity to pull you through time and geography in ways that provide you with the benefit of The Oxbow Effect.

From The Oxbow Effect, you will benefit greatly from an untold number of invaluable experiences as you meander through life’s journey…