Every day, we hear about the increasing demands and daunting challenges our world is facing.  Sometimes these demands and challenges effect us directly and sometimes we hear the news and move on with our own lives because, “it’s happening to someone else somewhere else”.

As humanity continues to become ever more connected to one another on so many different levels, we’re seeing with greater frequency that the problems others are facing are becoming our problems.

When a country like Syria collapses, the problems of their former citizens become our “refugee” problem; when another country’s economy tanks, the world feels its financial repercussions.  When a nuclear or environmental catastrophe takes place like Japan recently experienced, it washes up on neighboring shores.

What once seemed like a simple and relatively independent life has now become rapidly changing and ever more complex.

To navigate these potentially perilous waters, we need to continue to find ways to work together.  To put aside our differences for the sake of the future of civilization.

Through clarity of purpose, commitment and collaboration there is nothing we can’t accomplish.  Together, we are the counter balance to ISIS, gangs, poverty, injustice and stagnation.

Just as importantly, together we have the chance to access the unlimited opportunities right before us all…to establish peaceful co-existence; end disease; build a fully inclusive society; and, explore our Universe.

The complexity of today can be mastered through the simplicity of our common commitment to the future…and to one another.