Show From – 5/03/2011
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Meet Mike Shane, Scientific Researcher for the Hubbs – Sea World Research Institute. Mike talks about himself and shares background information on the Hubbs – Sea World Research Institute.
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Hubbs – Sea World Research Institute Scientific Researcher Mike Shane talks about a 20 year old program to replenish the White Sea Bass population. The White Sea Bass replenishment program is the largest of its kind in the world and serves as a model program for other marine replenishment programs that have evolved over the past decade.?
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Mike Shane, Scientific Researcher at the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute explains the growing use of aqua culture to meet the growing demand for seafood around the world. Mike explores what makes a good program, the problems with aquaculture, and what governments, non-profit organizations and for profit companies are doing to evolve the industry.
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IOLT Host Dave McGuigan and Scientific Researcher for the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, Mike Shane, explore how aquaculture and marine replenishment programs will allow the world to meet the growing demand for seafood, while, at the same time, protect our oceans and the marine life that lives in them.?
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