Show From – 3/29/2011
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Host Dave McGuigan interviews Scott Bechtler Levin – Founder of Pacific Ridge School and Chairman & CEO of Idea Encore. Scott talks about his childhood, his professional career, his role models, and how his early experiences led to his creation of a highly successful private school.
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Host Dave McGuigan talks with Scott Bechtler Levin about how and why he Founded Pacific Ridge School – a private Middle/High School in Carlsbad, California.
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Host Dave McGuigan and Scott Bechtler Levin talk about how starting a school led to the formation of a company, Idea Encore, that serves non-profit organizations through information sharing and information collaboration.
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Host Dave McGuigan talks to Scott Bechtler-Levin about the secrets of building better communities through the information sharing, risking taking and collaboration.
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