Show From – 2/15/2011
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Life Parallels Business Discussion with Michael Fetyko – Chairman & CEO of Boomerang Management.

Michael talks about his life experiences and challenges and how all of that has helped to shape his philosophy in life and helped to launch a very successful business – Boomerang Management.

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The importance of Social Networking and Social Influence Marketing.

Michael Fetyko, Chairman & CEO of Boomerang Management discusses the pivotal role Social Networking and Social Influence Marketing plays in our everyday life. He introduces the concept of The Humanology Platform as a key part of how he helps companies and organizations leverage Social Influence Marketing.

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An introduction of and its role in helping to save the planet

Michael Fetyko, Chairman & CEO of Boomerang Management introduces a new web site – – that will allow individuals to purchase a meter of rainforest and protect it forever. The concept allows each of us to help save our natural environment on meter at a time without a lot of cost to any one of us.

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What simple steps can each of take to protect our environment and make the world a better place.

Boomerang Chairman & CEO Michael Fetyko is joined by In Our Life Time COO David Stockwell to explore ideas on how each of us can get involved in helping to protect the environment in the future. Ideas discussed are also relevant to getting involved with any area that one has a passion about.

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